AI Fairness

Our platform dynamically assesses and mitigates AI risks in models and datasets concerning Bias, Proxy Bias and Fairness.


AI Explainability

Our Responsible AI technology enables deeper visibility into AI models and makes them explainable and interpretable.


AI Robustness

Our research-based AI Robustness assurance algorithms identifies and mitigates risks related to lack of robustness.


AI Compliance

Our platform reviews AI landscape with reference to various AI and MRM regulations and provides deeper risk analysis, comprehensive reporting, and automated remediation.


About Us

SigmaRed's unique Responsible AI platform identifies and mitigates AI Bias and enables deeper Explainability, Robustness and AI Regulatory Compliance and provides on going Responsible AI Certification.

  • AI Fairness
  • AI Explainability
  • AI Robustness
  • AI Compliance

Use Cases

Our Comprehensive Responsible AI Platform creates measurable business impact across multiple use cases. Some of them are given below.


Insurance Claims Processing

AI models used by Insurance underwriters need to be assessed and mitigated for Bias, Explainability, Compliance and Robustness.

Our platform identifies and mitigates these aspects on an ongoing basis.


Loan Underwriting

The lending process is not supposed to discriminate against the applicants based on gender, ethnicity, etc. Regulations, as well as typical client Policy Directives, demand so.

Our Responsible AI Platform assesses AI algorithms and datasets and mitigates AI Bias Risks and enables deeper AI explainability, resulting in Fair Lending.


ML Performance Management

Our platform, monitors ML models on an ongoing basis across various aspects including model performance, drifts, bias, robustness etc. and generates relevant alerts and also performs automated mitigation as applicable.

This provides deeper visibility and control to multiple stakeholders and keeps their AI environment Responsible AI Certified.

AI Model Risk Management

SigmaRed enables end to end AI Model Risk assessment, remediation, ongoing monitoring and Management.

Thus enabling financial institutions and other organizations to manage the risks of their AI models in production environments.

Third Party AI Risk Management (AI TPRM)

Many organizations have their AI models developed and delivered by third parties. These models have to be assessed for AI risks and remediated.

The negative impact of deploying AI models without addressing the associated risks could be huge. SigmaRed's AI TPRM module enables deeper assessment and remediation of third party AI risks in a transparent manner.

AI Compliance

There are many AI regulations being proposed globally and they require a comprehensive and sustained compliance. Our platform enables organizations to pick and choose multiple in-scope AI regulations and enables appropriate Compliance, Risk Assessment, Reporting and maintain evidences as required by various stakeholders.

Third Party AI Risk Management (AI TPRM)

AI risks across in-house AI systems as well as AI systems provided by third parties need to be assessed and remediated.

SigmaRed platform enables comprehensive third-party AI risk management (AI TPRM) and rapidly reduces the cycle time of conducting AI risks assessments while providing deep visibility, control, stakeholder based reporting, and detailed evidence repository.

Our AI Compliance module enables assessments of specific compliance requirements and hence enables organisation's to comply with applicable AI regulations and be ready with potential AI regulatory audits.

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