AI Fairness

Our platform dynamically assesses and mitigates AI models and datasets with respect to bias, proxy bias, fairness and governance


AI Explainability

Our Responsible AI technology enables deeper visibility into AI environments to ensure explainability and interpretability


AI Robustness

Out platform identifies and remediated AI vulnerabilities using our research based AI Robustness algorithms


AI Compliance

Our platform reviews client’s AI landscape with respect to various AI fairness regulations and guidelines and provide deeper visibility, gap analysis and enable accelerated remediation.


About Us

SigmaRed's unique responsible AI platform identifies AI bias and risks across explainability, robustness and compliance and provide risk analytics, scoring and automated remediation thus enabling proactive regulatory compliance.

  • AI Fairness
  • AI Explainability
  • AI Robustness
  • AI Regulatory Compliance

Use Cases

Our comprehensive AI risk assessment and remediation platform creates business value across multiple use cases. Some of them are given below


Insurance Claims Processing

  • AI models used by Insurance underwriters need to be assessed for bias, explainability and security.

  • This enables fair outcomes of claims processing by making AI unbiased, explainable and secured, thus enabling clients to meet regulatory compliance requirements and retain customer confidence through trust worthy AI.

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    Loan Underwriting

  • Lending process is not supposed to discriminate the applicants based on gender, ethnicity etc. Regulations as well as typical client policy directives demand so.
  • When AI supports application review process, there is a risk of bias, lack of explainability resulting in unfair loan approvals.
  • Our solution, assesses AI algorithms and data sets and remediate the risks, resulting in fair lending.
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    Ongoing AI Monitoring, Gap Analysis & Remediation

  • AI models and datasets are susceptible to risks including bias, lack of explainability and security attacks.

  • Our platform enables ongoing and deeply technical and comprehensive risk assessment of AI landscape enabling business users, data scientists and other stakeholder to identify and remediate them in accelerated manner.

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